Moto Traffic Dodge 3D

Motorcycles Traffic Dodge Racing
Racing motorbikes, complete the missions, get money and achievements! Ready?
Get on your moto, complete the missions, get money and achievements! Cool right?
Speed your sporty motorcycle through traffic and race your way to thrills and achievements. If you loved 3d moto bike games this awesome racing car game its for you!
Action-packed and customizable motorbike riding is what this game is all about. With two modes of play, desert highway, city asphalt traffic, multiple character / motorbikes skins, and more. Tweak your ride in the in-game garage by tuning your motorcycle to perfection and making it faster and cooler. This game has it all! Get on your moto cycle and blast your way through traffic in the city or zoom through the orange desert environment. How you ride in this game is all up to you! Ready? GO RIDE!

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  • Drive this exciting motorcycle 3d traffic racer gaming

  • Cool hd graphics and amazing car racing effects

  • Earn game currency and achievements

  • Game physics that make the game feel more real

  • Zoom through city or desert traffic as you complete missions

  • Two awesome game modes that get you out on the highway and zooming to success

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